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Wanting the world in general to return

To the Editor;

My favourite local coffee shop ‘Fifty Birds’ was shut on Friday but there was no notice on the door saying why so I am worried about its future. It and many others have closed on weekends because of the consequences of COVID lockdowns and not being able to travel more then 5km at the moment.

On the few occasions there is a reason to drive anywhere it becomes obvious that a few bigger shops and food outlets have moved to ‘click and collect’ but there are far too many that have closed and given that there are ‘For Lease’ signs they aren’t coming back.

There are two main suggestions as to how to protect these mainly small businesses, we can open up and live with the consequences or we can shut down and hope it goes away. The first option of living with COVID is concerning as many people are no longer living at all, and some of those that have it are living with long term consequences. The second option, my preferred choice, may lower the rate of spread but there are serious mental health concerns for a number of people. The general community attitude is one of feeling locked up, wondering if there is an end to it all and we are not happy.

Solution – get double vaccinated, wear masks, don’t go out too often and isolate properly if you have to, ignore the social media trolls, and cheer for the scientists and all of those keeping us alive. I know I am not the only one that wants that coffee and the world in general to return to normal.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia



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