Was National Park hunt necessary?

To the editor:

Sad to see everyone commending the First Nations Jasper hunt.

Their traditional area is huge, thousands of square kilometers, and they needed to close a very small section of a national park of a sustenance hunt?

It’s ridiculous.

It was nothing more than an exercise to see how much they could get and how far they could push.

It sets a dangerous precedent, are our national parks just private trophy hunt grounds for natives?

Seems to me like it is.

They also harvested three elk, two sheep and a whitetail deer. I have pictures of the sheep and deer if you’d like them.

Judging from the pictures, all they were after was horn.

Shouldn’t the tax paying people that pay for that park have a right to see what was harvested?

Really, the cost of the fuel alone for them to drive up there could’ve bought a lot of meat.

There’s been a lot of issues this year where I’ve heard the term, ‘it’s just not socially acceptable in 2017’, well special privileges for some are not acceptable. It is 2017 right?

I say privileges instead of rights because rights are something that are enjoyed by everyone.

Do you see just anybody being able to go hunt a national park?

I don’t.

Kris Hoffman

Kamloops, B.C.