Watch out for identity stealing E-muggers

Writer concerned about identity theft over the internet.

To the editor;

If you knew of a back road where thieves randomly stop cars and rob the passengers, would you risk using it?

Probably not, but I bet you routinely travel the information highway. You know the one I mean, that super-fast, super-convenient electronic marvel that connects users with cyber friends, corporations with trackable customers and victims with invisible e-muggers.

The new El Dorado for criminal organizations is mining people’s private data. If your personal identity gets stolen; your bank balance, drained; or your credit rating, destroyed; tough luck.

If you are an ordinary person, nobody will care.

The police won’t care because an investigation would be too time consuming. The corporate executives won’t care because their salaries are based on the bottom line. The bankers won’t care because they can increase financial fees to recoup their losses.  And your politicians won’t care because ‘Big Business’ has told them not to interfere with e-commerce.

Lloyd Atkins

Vernon, B.C.