We need to be proactive with mental health

We need to be proactive with mental health

To the editor;

My motive for writing this letter is to hopefully reach out and share what I think is an often overlooked important subject.

As we forage through our lives, we are confronted with situations completely overwhelming. Divorce, death, addiction, eating disorders and anxiety.

The list goes on, but unless or until we seek out a qualified therapist to make sense of the situation, we carry the burden at a huge cost to our own health and to society in general.

I have been fortunate enough to receive professional services from local counselors who made all the difference in some very difficult situations,

Victims services was there when I really needed them.

Sadly, the greatest barrier to getting help is the cost of the service.

This needs to change.

I don’t know how, but our provincial government should seriously consider coverage of this service as an essential part of holistic health care.

Think of what consequences that could be avoided by nipping issues in the bud, instead of letting them fester into crimes, visits to the hospital and appearances in courts.

Being proactive is always better than remaining reactive.

Brian Husband

Kamloops, B.C.