Weak approach from Pesticides’ Committee

Letter writer voices disappointment re: pesticide committee decisions.

To the editor;

Last week, British Columbians learned the Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides wants increased public education and licensing of pesticide applicators.

This is the weakest, do-nothing approach of any province considering banning the sale and use of traditional, highly toxic lawn and garden pesticides.

Seven provinces have banned 2,4-D, the one ingredient committee chairman and Kootenay-East Liberal MLA Bill Bennett said should not be prohibited.

In addition to rejecting provincial bans as “unscientific,” the committee’s B.C. Liberal majority endorsed Health Canada’s approval of the chemical landscaping industry’s pesticide products.

We just need to be educated about “safe” use.

While the committee dismissed submissions from many residents and organizations supporting a ban, Premier Christy Clark has wanted one for years and Environment Minister Terry Lake championed a Union of BC Municipalities ban resolution in 2008, when he was Kamloops’ mayor.

Clark needs to instruct Lake to draft precautionary ban legislation like that which exists in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Last year, B.C. passed one of the toughest animal-cruelty laws in Canada because of 56 dead Olympic sled dogs.

There’s more than sled dogs in need of protection in B.C.

Judy Wigmore

Pesticide Free BC webmaster