Wealth created by mining and forestry keeps taxes low

letter to the editor from Randy Rinaldo: Wealth created by mining and forestry keeps taxes low

To the Editor,

I was pleased to hear that Premier Christy Clark spoke strongly in support of our province’s resource economy recently at the Vancouver Board of Trade. She reminded BC’s urban politicians to take note of something BC’s rural politicians already know: namely, that the wealth created by the mining and forestry industries, and soon LNG, is what keeps taxes low for urban dwellers and provides the money for health care and education.

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan and Vancouver’s Gregor “the green” Robertson are two prime examples of ideologically blinded urban mayors who need to heed this message about resources. Robertson and Corrigan have repeatedly shown themselves to be thoroughly ignorant and antagonistic to the rest of the province and to the development of the natural resources, such as BC’s mineral wealth, that form the basis our province’s entire economy.

Imagine what Vancouver and Burnaby would look like if the misguided duo of Robertson and Corrigan were to actually succeed in shutting down BC’s resource economy. For example, mining. Think of all the technical jobs and professional services supported by the mining industry that are located in Vancouver and Burnaby – innumerable engineering, legal, financial, environmental, and supply companies. They would all have to close their doors and move away to greener pastures without this key resource industry.

Well, that’s the dismally sad future that residents of urban Metro Vancouver would have to look forward to if politicians with the narrow mindset of Robertson and Corrigan have their way. With municipal elections fast approaching, let’s hope urban voters in Vancouver and Burnaby understand BC’s economy better than their current mayors do. It’s time for urban BC to get in synch with our rural wealth creators.

Randy Rinaldo,

Burnaby, B.C.