What a week

Holy mackerel, last week was a busy and exciting one around these parts.

First of all we heard that the advance polls for the May 2nd Federal Election saw almost twice as many votes cast (6,505)in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding as had been cast in the advance polls for the 2008 federal election (3,380).

Elections Canada says it could of had a lot to do with Easter being at the same time, but I would like to think it is because Canadians care about who is running their country.

Then of course we had the nail biter hockey games courtesy of the Stanley Cup playoffs and our very own Vancouver Canucks. When the Blackhawks scored to tie the game in the final minute of play I do believe we al heard a massive grown sweep across B.C.  A goodly number of our avid hockey fans even jumped up and turned of their TV’s at this point.  But not those who live, breathe, and sleep hockey – you know, the ones who stick with a team through thick and thin.  They don’t give up until the final buzzer sounds.  Good job to, because these fans got to see Burrows’ make a wonderful rolling puck goal, and the excitement of the moment was priceless.

For those who are Montreal fans, the final game for them was also a nail biter, but unfortunately the Canucks were the only Canadian team to move on.  Now we have to sit on the edge of our chairs as our Canucks take on Nashville – and we’ll love every minute of it.

Another exciting event in this end of the North Thompson Valley was watching 300 dump truck loads of dirt getting hauled into the fall fair grounds in Barriere to become the base of the new North Thompson Agriplex.   But what made this spectacle all the more impressive was the fact that the whole job, from material, to equipment and drivers, was donated by area contractors, residents and land owners.

The North Thompson Agriplex, although still just a flat piece of ground at the fall fair grounds, has already developed a life of its own.   It is pulling this community together into the common goal of “raising the roof” on the Agriplex.  The vision for this building is traveling like the wind, and it will carry everyone along, buoyed by their own enthusiasm for the project to see it reach completion.  From our kids to our old folks, and everyone in-between, the Agriplex is bringing an enthusiasm into our valley that hasn’t been seen for years.

Yep, it was quite a week.  Now I look forward to this week’s action.  Today is your final chance to vote for Canada at the Lion’s Hall in Barriere.  Don’t miss making your mark for your own future and our country’s.

And don’t forget this coming weekend; this is the opening of the Barriere Bandshell on Sunday, May 8.  Pretty much everyone will be there; you should be too.  Come out and enjoy the day, visit with friends, and of course, talk about hockey.

Go Canucks go!