Why has my surgery been cancelled five times?

Why is Royal Inland Hospital seemingly so poorly administrated

To the editor;

I am writing to ask why Royal Inland Hospital seems to be so poorly administrated.

I live with chronic pain and periodically require a surgical procedure that helps lessen the pain.

I have been booked for this procedure and then cancelled five times.


I have never heard of a patient being cancelled five times and I think it is a disgrace.

I am told I can’t get another surgery date until mid-January because that is the next time my surgeon has operating-room time.

I am thoroughly ticked off because I am in a lot of pain, to the point I can’t think straight or function properly.

I have written to Terry Lake, our health minister and our MLA for Kamloops- North Thompson, but I have heard nothing back.

What does a person like me do?

I can’t afford private care, and I think it is a great dysfunction of our health system that I can’t get my surgery in a timely manner.

Barbara Ray Beal

Kamloops, B.C.