Why so much discontent?

Why so much discontent? - letter to the editor Wes Morden, Blackpool, BC

To the editor;

Why are so many countries in turmoil, seemingly unwilling to accept their governing elements?

Dictatorship and even democracies are in various stages of revolt against their governments. In Syria, Russia, the USA and even democratic Canada there is discontent. From brutal dictatorships like Syria to robo-call tainted democracy like Canada, significant numbers of people are unhappy with the electoral results.

Could it be, that dictatorships and democracies alike have been highjacked by the all mighty dollar?

We are all painfully aware of the power of money and power based on money that wields enormous influence over our lives.

In my naive worldview, I look to governments, over which I have some control by virtue of my vote, to provide some semblance of balance for the average citizens against the awesome power of wealth.

I am immensely proud to be a citizen of Canada, where free speech is both allowed and encouraged and I will do my part to see that this remains the case in our country.

Wes Morden

Blackpool, B.C.