Working towards a fair trade Easter

letter to the editor from Bruno Marquis - Working towards a fair trade Easter

To the editor;

We often contribute to the better well-being of other people in the world.

This was true with fair trade coffee, and is becoming more and more true with other fair trade consumer goods, such as chocolate.

The purchase of fair trade certified products has important consequences. It allows many producers to receive reasonable prices for their products, and numerous workers and little producers to climb out of poverty. It also has positive impacts on the environment.

We believe that about 15,000 slave children work on farms and cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast, which supplies 35 per cent of the world’s cocoa. In Western Africa, there  are 300,000 children under the age of 14 working on such plantations, doing hard and dangerous labour. Overall, 14 billion workers make their livelihood  from cocoa plantations, several of them earning around $300 US per year for their work and production.

We should all work towards a world where solidarity is at the heart of economic development.

A fair trade Easter would be an immense step in this direction.

Bruno Marquis

Received by email