Writer advises Barriere property owners to check their zoning

New zoning bylaw needs to be reviewed to insure there are no other situations like this one

To the editor;

The new zoning bylaw was adopted by council recently.  I checked on the new proposed zoning on my property at the Trade Show at the Barriere booth in the spring.

I have five acres. The TNRD zoning was approximately two acres two family residential, and the three acres C4 (commercial).

The new proposed zoning was to be R1(residential) on the two acres, and C2 (commercial) on the three acres.

I assumed this is what was adopted by council. A friend of mine drew my attention that all of it was adopted as R1.

I knew this was incorrect. I proceeded to the Barriere municipal office to find out that they made a mistake, and now it has to be corrected.

I would advise all property owners to check their zoning. This new zoning bylaw maybe needs to be reviewed to insure there are no other situations like mine.

The water referendum that failed was another issue for me. The properties on my block are all on well. There is a newer main on the other side of the street.

I went into the town hall to vote on the referendum and was told I could not vote. I was not on the water map. I posed the question if this passes would I not have the fee levied against my property? The answer was “Yes”.  I said,  “And I am not allowed to vote!”

The next day I find out that one of my neighbours were allowed to vote . Their situation was the same as mine, on well with the same main across the street.

I called town hall and made a complaint regarding  this, and the next thing I know my neighbours receive a call saying their vote did not count.

I could not believe how this situation was handled.I have 26 years municipal experience, and I have to draw into question what has happened in both these cases.

Linda Dahn

Barriere, B.C.