Writer applauds Barriere senior’s facility president

letter to the editor from Royce Gibson: Writer applauds Barriere senior’s facility president

To the Editor,

In regards to your letter to the editor in last week’s edition of the Star/Journal “Seniors’ facility defended”, way to go Darlene. I am a resident at this facility (and a happy one). I live in the assisted living side of the facility and  really don’t think there is a better one around.  The suites are roomy and bright and very private. The staff here are all angels or next to it, there is nothing they wouldn’t do to comfort or assist you, even beyond the requirements it seems. The food is great and plentiful and I am staying till they kick me out.

So, Mr. Mayor, I really don’t where you are coming from, have you ever visited here? For a town the size of Barriere I think we are more than fortunate. Thank you Darlene.

Royce Gibson

Barriere, B.C.