Writer sets up a Pet Find Registry hotline

letter to the editor from Joscelyn Sahw - Writer sets up a Pet Find Registry hotline

To the Editor:

What must be done when one’s beloved pet, be it cat, kitten, dog or puppy, goes astray for whatever reason.

We as citizens of the community are indeed the stewards of these wee ones, who help  us, whether it be an alarm of danger at our doorstep or helping keep those pesky rodents at bay.

Which would you rather have?  A barking alarm system and rodent security squad, or worst case scenario, have on one’s doorstep mister bear, young coyote, howling wolf or a snarling mewing cougar?  People, it’s your call, which will it be?

Many pets have literally vanished into thin air around these parts, right out of one’s property. What do you say to that?

Personally, this is hitting close to home.  Therefore, I have set up a lost and found pet registry to serve the community as a whole and to assist pet owners in case of lost or found furry family members.  The Pet Find Registry hot-line number is 250-672-9222.

The loss of a faithful companion is indeed a discomfort to the owner, not to mention the trauma that the pet goes through due to illness, injury or  needing medication or veterinary care.

If you find a lost pet, please be careful what you do in dealing with it.

When a pet is reported as missing to this registry number, the correct authorities will be notified: veterinary clinics, the pound, notices will be put out to neighbours in the area and online.

Do the honest thing and return the pet to it’s rightful owner.

Joscelyn Shaw

Barriere, BC