Your community newspaper

Your community newspaper is a most vital part of this community

This is your community newspaper.

Every week we print a number of articles and photographs about events and people that are right here in this community – most of this you will not find in any other media outlet.  We also print national, and provincial news that may have an impact on our lives, and on the future and economic stability of our communities.

Our goal as a newspaper is to provide an interesting a comprehensive balance of information for the area.  We strive to be fair and unbiased.  We utilize decades of experience within the industry to make the tough decisions, to weigh the measure of what we write, and to stand behind what we publish.

We bring the good news, and the bad.  We report on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even bird sightings.  We promote community events, tell the story of local businesses, and support any community fundraiser that comes through our door.

We provide a forum for you to express your thoughts and emotions, and we encourage dialogue from community members that feel they have something to say.

We tell you about who’s running for government positions, we provide all candidate meetings so you can meet those people face to face, and we keep in touch with the politicians who represent us at the municipal, regional, provincial, and national levels.

For almost two decades we have been the major sponsor of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association.  We print their annual catalogue and program at no cost to them, and our offices are well known as the place to go if you want to know something about “the fair”.

We provide free advertising and promotions for the Legion, for the Food Bank, and for numerous other service organizaions that are at the heart of our communities.

As a community newspaper we find ourselfs serving another roll – we are the “go to” place when residents are seeking information.  We pass along the telephone numbers of service organizations, politicians, and government.  We help folks compose letters, edit their resumes, and talk them through computer problems. We publish a free telephone directory and a community service organization guide.  We also publish a vaction guide.

We share your triumphs and your failures.  We laugh with you, and we cry at your side.

We boost the economy through advertising and news coverage.  People considering a move to the area frequent our website to find out what the community is really like, and we field a number of inquiries from these people who are sourcing real estate and local service information.

We also provide employment right here in the community for people who reside in the community.  And we provide a great employment opportunity for area young people to have their first part-time job delivering our newspaper to your door once a week.

Most importantly, the staff here at the North Thompson Star/Journal serve as volunteers on numerous organizations and committees within the area so that we can contribute to making this a great place to live and raise a family.  A place with a sustainable economy and a bright future.

Your community newspaper is a most vital part of this community.