Achievement on the course

Chinook Cove Men's Golf report

By Mike Webb

There were 29 golfers at Chinook Cove Sept. 1st.

There are things we try to achieve as golfers; example, drive the ball long and straight, learn to draw and fade the ball, and put backspin on the ball. In most cases when we achieve these goals it makes us quite happy. I repeat, in most cases.

However, at Thursday’s Men’s Night, my fellow playing partner, Richard Knowles, achieved this spin on his ball and robbed himself of a most certain hole in one when he landed eight inches in front of the hole and spun the ball backwards 12 inches. Sometimes when we are successful at accomplishing a skill, it doesn’t always work out in our favour. Better luck next time Rich.


Flight 1: Low Gross: Mike Webb (37). Low Net: Blaine Wright (33.55). Long Drive: Dan Taylor. Long Putt: Carry Over. K.P.: Richard Knowles. K.P. in 2: Rob Sunderman.

Flight 2: Low Gross: Drew Johnson (44). Low Net: Frank Gibson (35). Long Drive: Ray Amos. Long Putt: Carry Over. K.P.: Ken Foote. K.P. in 2: Gary Forsythe. Duece: Richard Knowles.

Door Prizes:

$10 Gift Certificates to: Mike Webb, Ivan Lee, Mike Cline, Herb Gawehns, and Ron Smith. Cart Pass – Glen McNeil and 9 Hole Pass: Rob Rutten.

• Prizes can be claimed at the front desk.

• Men’s Night: Thursday, Sept. 8, 2-Man Best Ball: Whites

• Men’s Night: Thursday, Sept 15th – Stroke Play: Blues