Barriere Curling Club desperately needs new members

Club is open for the winter season, but reps say the club experiencing unusually low membership this year

Longtime member of the Barriere Curling Club

Longtime member of the Barriere Curling Club

What is there to do in Barriere? This is a remark often heard around town now that winter has definitely settled in. For outdoor enthusiasts there are winter sports such as skiing and cross country, but for those who enjoy sports activity and indoor comfort, curling can be a good choice to stay active.

The Barriere Curling Club is once again open for the winter season, but representatives say the club is experiencing an unusually low membership at this time.  New members are being invited and encouraged to join, they can enjoy being active and socializing at the same time.

Club reps say it takes a sufficient number of members in order to keep the club operating smoothly. This means not only having enough curlers to set up the different leagues, but more  members help to make it easier to look after the rink’s housekeeping chores and repairs.

Longtime Curling Club member, John Schabler, explained, “This is the first time we do not have a men’s or women’s league.  However, we do have mixed seniors curling every Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and those who cannot curl in the afternoon come Friday evenings, which is also a mixed group of all ages.  Every Monday after school we have curling for kids which is well attended.  It would be great to have a few volunteers come forward who are willing to introduce the kids to curling,  give them a good start into the sport and hopefully keep them interested to become our next generation of curlers.”

Asked for a comment regarding the future of the Barriere Curling Club Schabler said, “I would plead to the people of Barriere to come out to curl.  You do not need any experience at all, just come out and take part.  My fear is that without more members the Barriere Curling Club will die a slow death.”