Barriere Secondary sports update

Teams looking towards making a mark at this year's West Zones

Barriere Secondary Senior Girls Soccer Team with coach Bryn Leary.

Barriere Secondary Senior Girls Soccer Team with coach Bryn Leary.

The North Thompson Raiders boys rugby team where our Barriere athletes have joined with Clearwater Secondary in order to complete in the strong AA boys league has had a very successful start to their season.

Both the junior boys and senior boys teams are coached by Mr. Gabe Francis and Mr. Ken Rife.

The Junior boys team is undefeated so far in league action with some impressive victories against schools like Sahali and NorKam. The boys look to bring the West Zone title back to the North Thompson heading into playoffs.

The Senior boys squad is in a close battle for West Zone #1 against a very tough South Kamloops squad.

In their head to head league action both teams will be able to size each others squads up heading into playoffs which is looking like a rematch of last year West Zone final.

The boys have their sights on claiming the West Zone title, winning their way through the Okanagan Valley and hopefully beyond to the Provincial Championships held later on this month.

Barriere Golf team is extremely thankful to Chinook Cove golf course for sponsoring the team’s practice times to get them ready for qualifiers. The school is very excited to not only have a senior golf team this year but, we are also able to field a junior golf team as well. An extra special thank you goes out to Mr. Ken Rife for pulling double duty this sporting season to provide our golf teams with his expertise in the sport.

Barriere Senior girls soccer is still a very young squad with most of our players in Grades 8 and 9, however, they have had a much better start to the season than they did last year.

The girl’s squad is currently being lead by goal scorer Taylynn Estache so far this season with Ivanna Villenuve, and Kathleen Janis providing some strength up the middle.

Special thanks goes out to Mr. Bryn Leary and Mr. Aaron Cousins for coaching the team this season. Barriere girls soccer keeps getting better each game they play and are looking to make some waves heading into playoffs.

Barriere Track and Field athletes had a chance to show their stuff May 10 at Hillside stadium in Kamloops at the West Zone qualifying meet. Barriere is again excited to send the number of competitors this year to the West Zone and hope to have a large portion of the Track and Field team qualify for the Okanagan and Provincial Championships.