Curling Club reports on funding status for rink repairs

Barriere Recreation Society and Barriere Curling Club are actively seeking funding to repair the chiller barrel for the compressor system

Barriere Recreation Society

Barriere Curling Club

The Barriere Recreation Society and Barriere Curling Club are actively seeking funding to repair the chiller barrel for the compressor system at the Barriere rink.   Until such time as funding can be accessed and repairs made to the system that will make the ice, the rink must remain closed.

Here is an update on potential funding partners and fundraising events that have been scheduled:

• District of Barriere – The District of Barriere has been very supportive in assisting with the process of sourcing out funding for the repairs at the Barriere Curling Club (BCC).  They have asked for further research regarding the type of Freon that is being used in the current refrigeration system.  At present, R-22 is the type of Freon used which is not used in new refrigeration systems and will be phased-out of existing systems.  The Curling Club has now sourced an ozone friendly refrigerant which will meet the Federal Gas Tax Fund criteria and does not require expensive retrofitting of the existing ice plant equipment.

• Thompson Nicola Regional District – Bill Kershaw has said the TNRD will assist as a funding partner.  However, they are not sure which pot of money they will take it out of.  Bill would like more information to pass along to be able to make a more informed decision.

• Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society (LNTCFS) – The board discussed the needs of the curling rink and will most likely provide some measure of support for the Curling Club as all the Directors recognized the value in keeping the club functioning.  They would like to ensure that BCC takes time to consider their options for getting things back up and running, whether it’s a new chiller, chiller &/or geothermal, etc.  They choose not to rush a funding decision, but instead would like to have BCC return in the future for a follow up presentation once the plans/requirements and associated costs are finalized.

• Chamber of Commerce – Harry Eberts of the BCC has spoken with Lana Laskovic, the President of the Chamber of Commerce.  Lana said they were going to have a meeting and will let BCC know the outcome of the discussion.  Basically, they don’t have any money to hand out but are offering a possible fundraising opportunity for the Curling Club.

• Barriere Curling Club – The curling club has several fundraising opportunities organized to assist with the repairs of the chiller barrel;

1. Jan. 26 – Bingo at the Legion Hall at 2 p.m.

2. Apr. 26 – Flea Market in the Curling Rink

3. May 3 & 4 – Rent the Curling Rink out for the Rural Living Expo and Trade Show

4. May 3 & 4 – Concession at the Rural Living Expo and Trade Show


The intention of the Barriere Curling Club is to order the ‘chiller barrel’ as soon as funding is in place.

According to Harry Eberts, the chiller barrel will take about two weeks for the production and transportation by a company in Toronto.  Harry feels it is important to be able to have the curling rink operational during this curling season even if it is for a short time.

One priority is the Annual Jam Can as it is an important event for the youth of Barriere and area.  Another priority is to show the community that we have a working curling rink once again.