Curling registration coming soon

Barriere Curling League - curling will begin the week of Oct. 27

Barriere Recreation Society and Curling Club

It’s so great to be involved with a community like Barriere!  Both the Fall Fair and Provincial Winter Fair have finished recently with huge successes.  Many people give time and talents to the many activities to help shape the community of Barriere.  Curling Club members were involved with the events.  They hosted concessions during both Fairs to raise money for operational costs for the Curling Club building.  The building is a valuable asset to the community and these fund raising activities are crucial for sustainability.  Thank you to all the volunteers.  They bring skills and passion to help with the cause.

Now, the new curling season is about to begin.  Curling is not just about the sport but more important meeting friends and developing contacts.  There will be a Registration Social on Oct. 24.  The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with a pot luck dinner with burgers supplied by the Curling Club.  At 7 p.m. there will be a chance to try out the new curling ice.  Coaching will be on ice to help anyone wanting to begin curling or want to touch up their skills.  Equipment is available for free use at the rink.  There will also be a chance to use the curling ice on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 2 – 4 p.m.

This year, the Curling Club Directors would like to offer an opportunity to help out with league registration fees.  Junior curlers can play in any league for $20 for the whole season.  Adult curlers that are registered to play in the Men’s or Woman’s League can register for the Mixed League at half price.  We would like to encourage many people to come out and enjoy the sport.  There are also two certified coaches available to help with skill development and understanding the game.

League curling will begin the week of Oct. 27.  The Women’s League is on Tuesday, Seniors Wednesday, Men’s Thursday and Mixed on Friday.  The Youth curling will be on Mondays and a notice will be sent home from the school to announce the start of their season.

There is also a Halloween Fun Spiel set for Saturday, Nov. 1.  This will include a dinner social and short curling games throughout the evening.  Come as a team or an individual and you can join a team.