Driving/dining for lady golfers

By Leslie Stirling

On Tuesday, May 24, the rain threatened all day long – peppering us with tiny drops of water.  But as the ladies headed out on the course the skies cleared; the light breeze stayed warm and 31 ladies had an enjoyable evening of driving and dining.  Donna Salle and I were pleased.  We were the duo that made the decision to cancel Ladies’ Night last week and some folks weren’t totally pleased with us.

Speaking of Donna Salle, she had a terrific night.  She scored a 43 to win low gross for Flight #1. She also won for using the least number of putts.  Fifteen putts got her the Carl’s Market Garden prize.  Bernice Randrup had the dubious honour of using the most putts (28) and won the Station House Restaurant prize.

Low gross for Flight #2 went to Susan Newberry who had a terrific game and also picked up the Val-Bella Studio certificate for a long putt on Hole #5.  Low net winners were Pat Carr (Flight #1) and Trudy Scarlett (Flight #2).

Low gross for Flight #3 was won by Sunny Lebourdais with a score of 56.  She had what was probably the round of her life and walked away with loads of prizes including half of the deuce pot.  She also had a KP on Hole #4 to win the River Adventure prize; a long putt on Hole #5 to win the Estylo Hair Design certificate and another long putt on Hole #8 to take home the Bodi Mekanix certificate.

After a slow start this year, we had a number of winners of the money pots (deuce and birdies).  Donna Salle shared the birdie pot with Sarah Watt.  Deb Legaree shared the deuce pot with Sunny.  KPs (closest to the pin for non-golfers) have remained elusive with only three of the six prizes being won by Lorretta Gammel (Stamer Logging), Sunny Lebourdais (River Adventure Co), and Deb Legaree (Carman and Barb Smith).

Other prize winners were Brenda Carl (Flight #3 – Barriere Irly Centre) for a long drive on Hole #1; Audrey Rilcoe (Flight #2 – Jul-Re by Lynda) for a long putt on Hole #2; Carol Hindle (Flight #1 – Barriere Massage) for a long drive on Hole #2; Joan Streadwick (Flight #3 – Country Store Antiques) for a long drive on Hole #2; Rocky Taylor (Flight #2 – Rainer Custom Cutting) for a long drive on Hole #3; Carrie Young (Flight #1 – North Thompson Star/Journal) for a long putt on Hole #5; Carol Hindle (Flight #1 – AG Foods) for a KP in 2 on Hole #7; Pat Carr (Flight #1 – Barriere A & W) for a long drive in two on Hole #9; Audrey Rilcoe (Flight #2 – Knight’s Inn) for a long drive in two on Hole #9; and Joan Streadwick (Flight #3 – Barr K Treats) for a long drive in 2 on Hole #9.

Gift bags of a golf ball and tees provided by North Thompson Funeral Home (Hole #7 – Rest In Peace) were claimed by Sunny Lebourdais, Sue Paulhus and Brenda Carl.

The Hole in One Prizes from Bob Stirling (Watercolour of Chinook Cove Golf), Barriere Auto Parts (Weed Eater) and Nancy Greene’s Cahility Lodge remain unclaimed.  Perhaps next week!

A special thanks to Bob Stirling for building the great tombstone for us.  If you want to see it you will have to drop by the Hole #7 Ladies Tee box any Tuesday afternoon.