Elite Basketball Program bodes well for Barriere

The highlight of the U15 Boys Club Team was when they beat the undefeated Tropics 58-52

Barriere’s U15 Boys Club Team

Barriere’s U15 Boys Club Team

By Coach

Anfinn Siwallace

Barriere’s U15 Boys Club Team, the Rockers, played their last Spring League basketball game on Monday, June 11.

The Spring League basketball consisted of  four teams: the Rockers from Barriere, the Tropics from Valleyview, the Raptors  from St. Ann’s, and the Phantoms from Sahali.

The highlight of the U15 Boys Club Team was when they beat the undefeated Tropics (Valleyview) 58-52 on June 4.

Although the spring league does not keep scoring stats it is important that it be made known that the Rockers had four wins and four losses.

The Rockers were made up of one grade six player, six grade 7 players, four grade 8 players,  and two grade nine players. The other teams were mainly grade nine players with a couple of grade 8 players to round out their rosters.

As the coach of the team, I must say “hats off” to all the players who signed up for the Elite Program;  and for their dedication to the team through attending practices and games.

Practices were very demanding, and all players accepted the challenges that they were presented. Each player also accepted their role on the team and worked very diligently to improve their skills.

The spring league allows the players to increase their skills and develop team spirit. Having played eight games together and practicing during the off season bodes well for the basketball program in Barriere.

In addition, the players and I would like to say “THANK YOU” to our sponsor Gabion Walls Systems for a financial contribution of $350.

Barriere’s U17 team the Royals, sponsored by Defiance Quality Contractors, who also contributed $350, played their last game June 5.

The season did not start too well for the U17, as one player broke his collar bone and another broke his finger prior to their first game; this resulted in having three U15 players move up for U17 games. Then, after the third game, one player was hired by the Gilbert Smith sawmill,  making him unavailable for remaining team games and practices.

Although they did not win a game, the experience they obtained from playing a higher level of basketball competition, Double A and Triple A teams, is immense.

Finally, a special thank you to all the parents who provided rides to and from the games each week.   Your support was very much appreciated.