Golfers contemplate ark building on Men’s Night

By John Strachan

Most of us will remember last Thursday, May 26, really well.  It was the day that a few people started building arks.

A few ladies showed up at the golf course believing it was Tuesday night.  Clearwater men showed up and came to play.  Yes, in spite of conditions which made the Thompson River jump over a foot, the Clearwater group played flog.  No one claimed to have shot a magnificent round but they played when many of the rest of us drank  coffee (and ‘whatnot’) in the club house.

Later, while drinking ‘whatnot’ in the clubhouse, the group allowed as to how they’d enjoyed their round immensely.   I was impressed, dry minded you, but impressed.

The name of the game for Thursday June 9th Men’ s Golf will be Stroke Play from the dreaded Blues.

Thought for the week from the laws of golf. Law number 16: The last three holes of a round will automatically adjust your score to what it really should be.