Guessing the weather at Ladies Night Golf

Chinook Cove Ladies Golf Report - Guessing the weather at Ladies Night Golf

By Leslie Stirling

I must admit that the weather has kept me guessing this spring (and I use the word “spring” lightly).  We lucked out Tuesday night, June 18.  There was a light sprinkle happening while I drove out to the course, but by the time we headed to the first tee it had stopped.  Although cloudy, the evening was a nice temperature and we had a most enjoyable time.

Carol Hindle also had a good time.  She won low gross prize from Lexa Caterers for Flight #1, Rainer Custom Cutting prize for a long putt, and Country Store Antiques prize for least putts used.  Trudy Scarlett not only provided a delicous and cute dessert for us all but also took home the low net for Flight 1.  Leslie Stirling won low gross for Flight 2 (Carl’s Market Garden) and Ilke Marais scored the low net.  Linda Ransome won low net for Flight 3.  Isabel Hadford took the Crystlee’s Hair Design certificate for the most putts.  Marla Muldoon and Trudy Scarlett split the birdie pot.  Once again the deuce pot went unclaimed.

Other prize winners were Brenda Carl (Estylo Hair Design), Tanya Desjarlais (Knight’s Inn and Carol Patton, CGA), Debbie Rainer (Our Little Secret), Lois Keller (Pottery by Ramona and Bodi Mekanix), Ilke Marais (Shais Design), Donna Marie Salle (Barb and Carman Smith and Barriere Irly Building), Deb Legaree (Bondar Forest Planning and Ron Wallace Trucking), Chris LeCerf (Station House Restaurant), Fiona Clare (Look Boutique), Barb Smith (Val Bella Studio and Avril’s Garden), Lindsay Arcand (Stamer Logging), Marla Muldoon (AG Foods), Evelyn Lucas (Barriere A&W), and Carol Young (Barriere Massage).

I tend to be an optimistic person.  My cup is half full, not half empty.  And I always look for the silver lining in every cloud.  But now I am just plain tired of looking at the clouds.  Sure hope the sun shows up for our fun night this week.