Lacarya Golf brings home the Big Woody

The tournament called the Big Woody, between Chinook Cove and Lacarya has resumed after a four-year hiatus

Larry Colborne (l)

Larry Colborne (l)

The tournament called the Big Woody, which involves a two-day competition between Barriere’s Chinook Cove Golf Course and Lacarya Golf Course in Blackpool has resumed after a four-year hiatus.

This year’s tournament started at Chinook Cove on Saturday, Aug. 9 and concluded at Lacarya on Aug. 10.

A total of 24 men and eight ladies from both clubs took part.

The Chinook Cove golfers put up a valiant fight, right down to the wire.

It was almost a draw; however Lacarya came through with the win and brought the trophy home until next year.

The tournament was great fun, sportsmanship and camaraderie, followed by dinner and pictures.

“Thank you, Chinook Cover golfers for a great day and congratulations to Lacarya golfers” said Heinz and Linda Fitz of Lacarya Golf Course. “Now all we have to do is find the perfect spot to display the coveted trophy.”