Ladies are preparing for Christmas in July

Chinook Cove Ladies Golf Report by Leslie Stirling - Ladies are preparing for Christmas in July

By Leslie Stirling

Golf is a fickle mistress … leading you on; teasing you with a good drive here and a nice putt there; promises of that one great game.  And every once in a while it all comes together and that is what keeps us golf fanatics coming back time and again.  Tuesday, July 9 was one of those nights for me and for Evelyn Lucas.  I had my best round of the season (48) and took home the low gross prize for Flight 2.  I also won the Bondar Forest Planning prize for KP on hole four and the Barriere Massage prize for long putt on hole eight.  Okay … so this column isn’t all about me.  As great as my game was I was even more excited for Evelyn.  She also had an excellent drive on hole four and then sunk her putt, scoring the first deuce of the year.  She took home the deuce pot which had grown to a considerable sum.

Fourty-five other ladies came out to play a round on an incredibly warm July night.  Theresa Young had a great round of 46 to win the prize from Lexa Catering for low gross in Flight 1.  Trudy Scarlett scored a 49 to win low net.  Ilke Mrais scored a 49 to win low net for Flight 2 and Abbey Bates scored a 59 to win low gross for Flight 3.  Abbey scored a birdie on Hole 1 to win the birdie pot.  She also ook home the Rainer Custom Cutting certifiate for Long drive.

Debbie Pearce had a long drive on one to win the Pottery by Ramona prize.  Barb Morris won two prizes – long drive in two on hole two (Shais Design) and a long drive on hole nine (Crystlee’s Hair Design).  Barb Smith had a long putt on hole two (Station House Restaurant) and Ashley Salle had a long drive in two on the same hole (The Look Boutique).  Pat Carr won two prizes – long putt on hole three (Val Bella Studio) and KP on hole six (Carol Patton, CGA).  Tanya Desjarlais took the Barb and Carman Smith prize for KP on hole four and the Country Store Antique prize for long drive in two on hole nine.  Kim Law had a KP on hole four (Carl’s Market Garden).  Jane Olson won the AG Foods certificate for a long putt and Audrey Rilcoe won the plant from Avril’s Garden for another long putt.  Cathy Chornlesky picked up a prixe from Barriere A&W for her short drive on hole five.  Carol Willox had a KP on hole six to win the Wallace Trucking prize.  Babes Shanko had a KP in two on hole seven to win the Barriere Irly Building.  Trista Stamer landed Closest to the Golfer to win the certificate from Bodi Mekanix.  Lindsay Arcand ended her game with a great putt on hole nine to win the Estylo Hair Design prize.  Most putts prize (30) from Knights Inn went to Rose Seymour and the least putts (14) from Our Little Secret went to Susan Newberry.

Now I assume that my game will be back to usual next week but on one of those cold nights next winter I can dream about that great game I had in July and look forward to golfing again in the spring.  But for now I am looking forward to our Christmas in July Fun Night on the 23rd.  Be sure to book your team and your carts soon.