Ladies Golf starts Tuesday

Chinook Cove Ladies Golf report by Leslie Stirling - golf starts Tuesday

By Leslie Stirling

I awoke last Thursday to beautiful sunny skies.  Golfing….that is what I should do today….go golfing!

Big Bob went golfing in Penticton on the Easter weekend and since then I have been suffering from golfing envy.  So as I climbed out of bed I turned to him and suggested that after the sun had an opportunity to warm the air, we should go for our first round of the season (well, my first).

I spent the morning working on the computer and looking forward to that opening round.  At about noon I stepped outside to talk to the neighbour.  Well, it may have been a beautiful sunny day, but it had a bloody cold wind blowing.  And you all know that I hate golfing COLD.  So, I still have that first round of the season to look forward to.

Debbie Rainer, the Captain of the Chinook Cove Ladies Golf has obviously been looking forward to it as well.  She has been spending much of her time since Christmas lining up all those wonderful sponsors that make our Ladies’ Night so successful.

She stopped by last week, bringing all the gift certificates, cash prizes, schedules, and pin placements with her for me to finish organizing.  There isn’t a lot left to do ‘cause she does a great job.

Dozens of other ladies are looking forward to the season opener.  I know, because so many have been stopping to ask when it starts.  So all you women golfers (old, young, seasoned and rookies) take note.  Ladies’ Night starts on Tuesday, April 23.

We are always excited to have new golfers join our group (new to town, or new to golf).

Anyone wanting information is welcome to call Debbie Rainer (250-672-9407), Leslie Stirling (250-672-5706) or Chinook Cove Golf (250-672-0119).

So dust off those clubs.  Get the kinks out of your swing.  Search the back of the closet for your golf shoes.  Let’s start the season off right.

See you at the clubhouse.