News from Johnson Lake

6th annual ‘Kids Fishing Days’ at lake on June 23, 24

The Lewkos at Johnson Lake Resort say they are still wearing winter’s snowy white blanket, but signs of spring are being revealed.

The first red-winged blackbirds (males) have arrived, and are already singing their courting songs, hoping their mates will be there soon as well.

However, the couple report the snow is starting to melt in places, and “the sunny afternoons are almost sun-tanning weather”.

Barb Lewko says, “It’s time to start thinking about spring fishing. The ice usually comes off Johnson Lake around mid-May, and by early June, the trout have voracious appetites. Whether trolling flies or lures, you’re sure to have some superb tussles with those bright shiny Kamloops Trout.  The resort opens June 1, and we look forward to seeing many of you again this year.”

The 6th annual “Kids Fishing Days” event will be held the weekend after Father’s Day at the resort. Two programs will be hosted for the young fishers, one on Saturday June 23, and one on Sunday, June 24.

This is a fun and exciting day for children ages five to 15, where they learn all about freshwater fishing, from fish biology, habitat, identification and handling, to learning to tie knots and flies, rig their fishing rod, casting and retrieving practice, topped off with fishing from a row boat and casting off the dock on Little Johnson Lake.

If you’d like to receive an information sheet with more details, email the resort at: