No prize for some at Ladies Golf

By Leslie Stirling

I golfed with the ladies in the summer sun

I golfed with the ladies when the rain was done

I golfed with the ladies and had loads of fun

But all that golfing and no prize was won

Golf, golf, wherever

I may be

I am the banker of the golf, said she

I’ll keep the score wherever we may be

And I’ll lead you all in the golf, said she.

All is well with my golf world.  The sun shone on Tuesday, May 10.  No rain fell from the heavens.  The new system of handing out sponsors’ certificates worked (quite well, I thought).  I had a great time, and enjoyed supper on the patio.  Alas, I won nothing.

Joanne Lyle of Flight #3 – now there is someone who had a good round.  She picked up the following prizes:  Barr K Treats certificate for long drive on Hole #1; Star/Journal certificate for long putt on Hole #5; and the Estylo Hair Design prize for long putt on Hole #8.  And Debbie Rainer of Flight #2 – she won the Barriere Irly Centre prize on Hole #2 for long drive in 2; the Ron Wallace Trucking prize for KP on Hole #6 and the low gross prize for Flight #2 with a score of 50.

Tanya Desjarlais of Flight #1 had a good night as well.  She scored a 41 to win low gross; had a long putt on Hole #1 to win the Station House gift certificate; and had another long putt on Hole #5 to win the Country Store Antique prize.

Christina LeCerf won the low net for Flight #1 and Trudy Scarlett won low net for Flight #2.  Trudy also picked up the Bodi Mekanix certificate for a long drive on Hole #9.  Sandy Lebourdais was another multiple winner.  She had low gross for Flight #3 with a score of 47 and a long drive on Hole #9 to win the Barriere A&W prize.

Susan Mitchell showed us all how to putt using only 14 strokes to win the Knight’s Inn prize and picking up the deuce pot on Hole #4.

Lorretta Gammel took home two prizes in Flight #1 for long drive in 2 on Hole #2 (Jul’Re by Lynda) and long drive on Hole #9 (AG Foods).  Bev Lienweber had a long putt on Hole #3 for Flight #3 and won the certificate from Barriere Massage.  Shirley Ross had a KP on #4 (Stamer Logging prize) and Donna Salle had a KP on #6 (Carman & Barb Smith).

Rocky Taylor had a nice KP in 2 on Hole #7 to win the Val-Bella Studio prize.  Sue Paulus picked up the Most Putt prize and a number of ladies received a golf ball and tees for the dubious honour of putting  their ball in the gully on Hole #7 (North Thompson Funeral Service).

Next week is one of my favourites – four club night.  One club must be a putter.  I find it really cuts down on the stress levels when I have fewer clubs to choose from.  See you at the course.