North Thompson Pickleballers told “Stay out of the kitchen!”

A cheer went up to all the Pickleballers when I told everyone to ‘Stay out of the Kitchen”.

In Pickleball, the kitchen is the No-play zone !! There are specific rules for going into the kitchen but the general rule is to “stay out”. The kitchen is the seven-foot zone on both sides of the net.

‘The Pickleball non-volley zone or kitchen rule is easily one of the most infamous rules in pickleball. And….also one of the most hilarious. There’s nothing funnier than seeing someone volley a ball (hit it out of mid-air) while they are in the middle of the kitchen (which is a fault), everyone yells “kitchen” ( This rule prevents players from executing smashes from a position within the zone.

One may enter the kitchen to hit the ball that has bounced in the kitchen. You may not stand in the kitchen to volley balls back to the other side. If one hits a volley and in doing so, enters the kitchen on completing the volley then this is considered an infraction and either loss of serve or a point for the other side.

However, if one enters the kitchen after hitting a ball that has bounced, this is okay, but one must “get out of the kitchen” right away.

Last Tuesday saw 16 players turn up for Pickleball at the Barriere Ridge gymnasium (2-4 p.m.). The three courts can accommodate 12 players at once, so the short rest for some of the players was a welcome relief. Having three courts available permitted different skill levels to play on each court.

Pickleball at the Barriere and District Seniors Hall saw two new players show up to hear more about the game. Rather than just describe it, everyone got on the court and tried it out – they have promised to return!

Pickleball will again be available for three courts of play on Tuesdays at the Ridge gym (2-4 p.m.) and one court of play at the Barriere and District Seniors Hall (6-8 p.m.) (Dec. 4, 11, 18 ). There is a $3 drop in fee to cover the cost of rental.

Many new players are coming out to Pickleball each week and it is envisioned that additional days to play will be introduced in 2019.

Everyone is welcome is come out and see what Pickleball is about. There are ten paddles plus balls, for those at the beginner level and already some players have purchased their own paddle.

This means that one can come and try this sport prior to purchasing equipment. If you are considering the purchase of new gym type footwear… ask about ‘court’ shoes for indoor play.