Programs abound at Recreation Society

The Society’s spring work bee at the Barriere Forks Trails for maintenance of trails and the hut was scheduled for May 13

Members received positive response to the North Thompson Recreation Society (NTRS) booth at the Rural Living Expo, where they gave away door prizes to visitors throughout the weekend.  The lucky winners of the four snow shoe rentals for next winter were Bob Armstrong, Jerry Wenlock, Brady Chamness, Pat Matthew.  Small outdoor prizes were won by Bob Hayward, Samantha Lowe and Dorothy Schulte. A one year NTRS membership was won by Fran Abbey.

The  Society’s spring work bee at the Barriere Forks Trails for maintenance of trails and the hut was scheduled for  May 13.

Plans for our annual summer hike are underway and further information will be announced at a later date.

The Red Cross Swim lessons will be offered for two weeks with certified life guard and swim instructor, Brittany Stamer.  Register and pay before the end of June to secure lesson times for tots to teens.

Look for more information on May 25, at Barriere AG Foods during the community rewards celebration, or at the North Thompson Volunteer Centre  9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Chris and Kathy Matthews are encouraged with their initiative to start a youth Soccer Program once again in Barriere,  and have received some positive results and comments from a large number of interested children and parents.  The youth soccer program is planned for a six week period from September  through  October for ages four to 12 years.Parents and community members have volunteered to coach and are waiting for a coaching course to be organized before the anticipated fall start of the program.

Sign up is now being accepted for a yoga program suitable for mature teens and adults of all ages and abilities. If there is enough interest it is scheduled to run Sept. 10 through Dec. 10, with guest instructor  Janis Goad.  Contact Judy Davis at 250-672-5275 for more yoga information, or become a member and be included on our yoga group email notice.

Contact Tammy McDonald at 250-672-0121, or Barb Smith for further information on programs.