Race for the Sun Peaks Family Cup Jan. 4 – 8

Race for the Sun Peaks Family Cup January 4 – 8, 2012

Flags will be flying and skis will be waxed and tuned as guests gear up to race for their country in the 6th Annual Sun Peaks Family Cup, taking place January 4-8, 2012.

This five day event at Canada’s Alpine Village is about celebrating your home country, with families participating from Australia, New Zealand, Austria, the United States and more.

The marquee events of the festival are the recreational downhill and cross-country races on the weekend, but there are a ton of other events in the week leading up to it. Families can participate in everything from a High Roller Mountain Marathon, a Children’s Obstacle Course, and even an Ice Skating Party.

The official Sun Peaks Family Cup alpine race takes place Saturday, Jan. 7, as families don their national colours and race for their home nation.

On Sunday, Jan. 8, the races move to the Nordic trails for the Kookaburra Cup Cross-Country Skiing Competition.

See below for the full event schedule and head to www.sunpeaksresort.com for all of the details on how you can compete for the coveted Family Cup!

Event Schedule:

•  Wednesday, January 4

11:00am – Gates Training Course

2:00pm – Travelplan Ski Children’s Obstacle Course

• Thursday, January 5

11:00am – Gates Training Course

3:00pm – Tourism Sun Peaks Ice Skating Party

5:00pm – Fondue Dinner & Evening Descent

• Friday, January 6

10:30am – High Roller Mountain Marathon

11:00am – Gates Training Course

5:30pm – Delta Sun Peaks Welcome Reception Party

• Saturday, January 7

10:30am – 6th Annual Sun Peaks Family Cup

• Sunday, January 8

11:00am – 3rd Annual Kookaburra Cup Cross-Country Skiing Competition

4:00pm – Sun Peaks Resort Tubing Party