Rain, rain, go away – ladies want to golf and play

On June 17, 43 ladies hauled out their clubs for another great round of golf at Chinook Cove

By Leslie Stirling

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.  That old childhood song has sure been working when it comes to Tuesdays.  On June 17, 43 ladies hauled out their clubs for another great round of golf.  There are many reasons for a round being great – old friends, new acquaintances, loads of laughter, good food.  And for some folks, it’s great because they golf well.

Marla Muldoon shot a 42 to win low gross in Flight 1 and she also had a KP on Hole 4 (Campbell & Co), a long drive on Hole 5 (Station House Restaurant), only used 13 putts (Interior Savings Credit Union) and won half the birdie prize for scoring one on Hole 7.  Deb Legaree scored a 48 to win low net in Flight 1.  Thanks to our Flight 1 sponsor Thompson Valley Awards.

Those new acquaintances I mentioned did quite well.  Marg Oulette scored a 50 to win low gross for Flight 2 And Gale Fauteux won low gross for Flight 3 with a 55.  Gayle also picked up the AG Food prize for long drive on Hole 5 and the Ron Wallace Trucking prize for KP on Hole 6.

Fiona Clare scored a 51 to win the Low net in Flight 2.  Sue Paulhus accepted with grace the Interior Savings prize for most putts.

Now we come to the LeBourdais girls, Sandy and Sunny.  Deb and I always have trouble getting the names right.  In the old west often the son was called the Younger and as Sunny is the daughter I thought “I’ll just call her the Younger” and will always know which one is Sonny.  Of course, that made Sandy (you guessed it) the Elder much to Sonny’s delight.  Thanks for being such a good sport Sandy.  Both should have been pleased with their rounds.  Sonny had a KP on Hole 4 (Bondar Forest Planning) and Sandy picked up three prizes – KP on Hole 6 (Stamer Logging), KP in 2 on Hole 7 (Armour Mtn Office Services) and long drive on 9 (Crystlee’s Hair Design).

There were a number of other multiple prize winners.  Hazel Cross had a long putt on Hole 1 (Estylo Hair Design) and a long drive on Hole 3 (Rainer Custom Cutting).  Val Williams had a KP on Hole 4 (Carl’s Market Garden) and a long putt on Hole 9 (Country Store Antiques).  Carol Willox had two long putts – one on Hole 3 (Shais Design) and one on Hole 5 (Val Bella Studio).

Ilke Marais shared the birdie pot with Marla.  Ashley Salle won the Pottery by Ramona prize for being closest to the golfer on Hole 1.  Susan Newberry had a long putt on Hole 2 to win the Knights Inn certificate.  Babes Shanko had a long putt on Hole 8 to win the Barriere A&W prize.  Susan Mitchell picked up the Barriere  Timber Mart prize for a long drive on Hole 8 and Chris LeCerf made a long putt on Hole 9 to win the Barriere Massage prize.  Deb Rainer was the biggest winner of the evening with a KP on Hole 6 (EBL Ventures) that she turned into a deuce picking up a cool $198 as the pot had gone unclaimed for four weeks.

As in the immortal words of Porky Pig – “That’s all folks!”