Rally filled with learning for attending Yellowhead 4-H Club

Yellowhead 4-H Club reporter says everyone did a great job at Rally

What’s low-stress cattle handling?

Yellowhead 4-H members learned the answer to this, as well and many other things at the recent 4-H Rally in Kamloops.

Rally is where the 4-H members go to judge animals according to their projects.

The beef kids judge beef animals, the photography kids judge pictures, and so on.

Spencer Pawloff placed third in Senior Beef and won the male Silver Tray award.

Quinn Brackman placed third in Outdoor Living,  Leanna Mitchell placed third in Junior Beef, Nicole Huber placed second in Senior Sheep, Sara Kate Smith placed first in Junior Sheep, Madison Kerslake placed second in Junior Sheep, and Grace Kempter and Lauren Tremblay tied for third in Junior Sheep.

For Beef Juniors; Kathleen Pilatzke placed fifth, Dustin Pawloff placed seventh, and Jonathan Fennell placed ninth.

For Beef Seniors, Quinn Brackman placed fourth, Kyle Zurbrugg placed sixth, and Christine Kempter placed tenth.

For Sheep Seniors, Hannah Feller placed fifth, Jacob Peterson placed eighth, and Tristan Brackman placed ninth.

For Sheep Juniors, Sheldon Vansickle placed fifth, Tyson Shilling placed sixth, and Cameron Kerslake placed seventh.

Great job everyone!

Yellowhead 4-H held the 4-H District Demo’s in Barriere this year.

Garrett and Lauren Tremblay placed second, and are now eligible for Regional Demos in Armstrong.  Good luck you two!