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Replacement of ice rink chiller system costly

Barriere Recreation Society (Curling Rink) is seeking funding for a major break down in equipment which is used to create ice

The Barriere Recreation Society (Curling Rink) is seeking funding for a major break down in equipment which is used to create ice.  The ‘ice rink chiller system’ is no longer working.

The chiller is a part of the compressor system that is used to make ice for the curling surface.

The whole system was purchased in 1978 when the curling rink was built and was second hand at that time.

The chiller barrel holds the brine which is a concentration of water and salt.  The barrel has corroded and the Freon that encompasses the vessel has leaked into the environment.  At present, there is no ice in the curling rink, it has all melted.

The refrigeration chiller equipment cools brine water to -9° C and provides included youth cooling.  The brine water’s chemical makeup keeps it from freezing.  To freeze the rink surface, the system pumps freezing brine water through the pipes and then into the ice-bearing concrete slab.  The brine water is pumped into the pipes embedded in the ice-bearing concrete slab.  The brine water helps keep the ice-bearing slabs temperature just below -0° C so the water spread onto it can freeze.

A refrigeration specialist was called in from Kamloops to review the equipment.  The consensus is that the ice rink chiller system needs to be replaced.  However, the compressor system is in good condition.  The compressor had a major overhaul about four years ago and regular annual maintenance is conducted.

At this time, we have one quote for repairs, but are working on getting more quotes and further information.

The refrigerant used in the current system is R22 which has been phased out in new equipment.  While sourcing the new replacement chiller equipment, we are also investigating the possibility of a substitute refrigerant that is less harmful to the environment.

The following is a summary of the quote we have at this time:

• Chiller barrel (incl. freight) $13,800.00

• Labour, supplies and mileage $9,729.70

• Also included is up to 120 pounds of R22 refrigerant

• Subtotal $23,529.70

• Provincial Tax and GST @ 12% $2,823.56

For a total of: $26,353.26.

Not included in the quote is welding (which will be hired locally).

If you have any questions please contact: Harry Eberts, Vice President Barriere Curling Club and ice technician at (250) 672-5859; or Susan Bondar, Treasurer Barriere Curling Club at  (250) 672-5334.

Article submitted by the Barriere Recreation  Society and Barriere Curling Club.