Riding Club Fun Day just that

Due to the fact the Barriere and District Riding Club’s light horse arena is being revamped to accommodate the North Thompson Agriplex, the Fall Fair and Rodeo Association members were kind enough to allow the Barriere and District Riding Club the use of the rodeo grounds for our first club practice and Fun Day.

With our growing membership now over 100, there was an excellent turn out with sunny skies.

There were classes from novice to advanced and age categories so every level of rider could feel comfortable in competition. There were several lead line and youth participants with supportive parents and trustworthy steeds.  As well as our typical speed events such as poles, barrels, scuddy ho, etc., we had an interesting and challenging obstacle course that was quite entertaining to watch.

Again the Barriere and District Riding Club had a great line up of sponsors and we thank them all for their generous contributions.

The Barriere and District Riding Club’s next Fun Day is scheduled for June 18. All going as we hope, it will take place in our new light horse arena! This event is open to spectators and non-club members for participation. Go to www.barrieredistrictridingclub.com for updates and info on what we’re about and what we’re doing!