Seven hometown runners come out on top in Barriere Fun Run

65 registered participants join in for Barriere's inaugural 5km and 10km run

Dave Tremblay (4543) of Barriere was the second fastest 10km runner overall in the Barriere Fun Run

Dave Tremblay (4543) of Barriere was the second fastest 10km runner overall in the Barriere Fun Run

The inaugural Barriere Fun Run took place on Sunday, June 3, with an excited 65 registered entries in the 5km and 10km events, that started from the Barriere Bandshell in Fadear Park.

Race organizer Wes Kibble said, “What really impressed me is that seven Barriere residents took first place in their category and not because there was nobody else! I honestly did not know that there was that many fast runners in Barriere!”

Dave Tremblay of Barriere was the second fastest 10km runner overall ,while Patricia Thompson of Barriere was the first female 10km runner overall. Both of them beat a lot of very fast runners that often run in the Interior Running Association series.

Natalie Grower of Barriere was the second overall female in the 5km, just ahead of Kathy and Chris Mathews of Barriere.

Carol Keating of Barriere was first out of seven runners in the Female 60-69 10km group, while Michelle Lampreau and Lyndsey Allen both won their 10km races with very respectable times.

Dan Spark of McLure was the 5th fastest overall 10km runner as well.

Find more reporting and photographs in our June 11, 2012 print edition.

Here are the official results from the Barriere Fun Run.

Female 5km


1st Carla Risley-Williams Lake 22.16

2nd Jessica Lane-Kamloops 29.03

2nd Ashley Harvey-Kamloops 29.03

4th Angeline Farrow -Louis Creek 34.27

5th Sabrina Black-Kamloops 48.46


1st Natalie Grower-Barriere 25.47

2nd Kathy Mathews-Barriere 28.31

3rd Melinda Hennig-McLure 48.46


1st Kaleigh Stankevich-Kamloops 35.27


1st Renae Young-Kamloops 32.06

2nd Peggy Bunn-Barriere 33.02


1st Margot Delmorme-Vancouver 35.17

2nd Judy Facchin-Kamloops 35.27

3rd Mary Zimmerman-Spokane, Wa 56.19

3rd Molly Shine-Spokane, Wa 56.19

Male 5km

Under 15

1st Ryan Balbirnie-100 Mile House 23.55


1st Chris Mathews-Barriere 28.30

2nd Dave Sugiyama-Kamloops 32.06


1st Gordon Flett-Vancouver 21.36

2nd Rick Jenkner-Kamloops, BC 21.36


1st John Mortimer-Bridge Lake 55.59

Female 10km


1st Michelle Lampreau-Barriere-52.40


1st Lindsay Allan-Barriere-55.31


1st Patricia Thompson-Barriere 48.34

2nd Debbie Taylor-Kamloops 54.44

3rd Melanie Lennea-Barriere 56.42

4th Donna Rhynolds-Kamloops 1:01.24

5th Teresa Kasnik-Kamloops 1:08.32

6th Marilyn Ransome-Barriere 1:11.20

7th Nancy Elliot-Kamloops 1:11.42

8th Kim Law-Barriere 1:19.23

9th Leanne Nystoruk-Barriere 1:42.02


1st Nicole Robert Mortimer-Bridge Lake 52.14

2nd Regina Black-Kamloops 1:01.25

3rd Sherry Sim-Kamloops 1:01.29

4th Sandy Casell-Kamloops 1:02.17

5th Claire Parker-Kamloops 1:03.58

6th Wanda Coneybeare-Kamloops 1:08.02

7th Eileen Reilly-Barriere 1:42.02


1st Carol Keating-Barriere 58.38

2nd Sharon Scott-Gillies Bay 1:02.17

2nd Gail Kipp-Kamloops 1:02.17

4th Linda Woodbury-Kamloops 1.06:38

5th Karen Willies-Kamloops 1.07:36

Male 10km

Under 16

1st Brandon Balbirnie-100 Mile House 43.39


1st MR Hunter-Kamloops 45.22

2nd Emile Scheffel-Kamloops 45.54

3rd Jeremy Comazzetto-Kamloops 1:00.50


1st Wade Balbirnie-100 Mile House 38.34

2nd Dan Spark-McLure 44.01


1st Dave Tremblay-Barriere 41.41

2nd Rick Rynolds-Kamloops 44.54

3rd Don Taylor-Kamloops 51.50


1st Jordan Sims-Kamloops 43.44

2nd Terry Clare-Kamloops 46.53

3rd David Coneybeare-Kamloops 51.27

4th Candido Pooli-Kamloops 59.13


1st Bruce Butcher-Kamloops 1.05:17