Soggy, with supper and friends

Chinook Cove Ladies Golf Report by Leslie Stirling - Soggy, with supper and friends

By Leslie Stirling

Swinging in the rain.  I’m swinging in the rain.  What a glorious feeling?  I’m happy again….NOT!

Well, I wasn’t happy about the rain for golfing but the gardens did need it so I won’t complain…too loudly.  I sauntered out to Chinook Cove on May 21, at the usual time expecting to have a nice supper with some friends and then head back home.  But you folks know Debbie – she sees a little light sky that looks like clearing.  “Oh, let’s give it a try and see how it goes.”

Well, that patch went and the drizzle came, but at least the wind stayed away.  She also promised that with a low turnout we would have a better chance to get our name on one of the pins and I did do that.  Unfortunately, it was for driving my ball into the gully to win one of the Rest in Peace prizes from North Thompson Funeral Services.

Most of the ladies had a hard time hitting the greens on Hole 4 and 6 to win KP prizes.  Tanya Desjarlais won the Carol Patton, CGA prize on Hole 6 and Deb Rainer hit the green on #4 to win the Bondar Forest Planning.

This week Carl’s Market Garden sponsored the Flight 2 low gross/net and Carman and Barb Smith sponsored first and second low gross in Flight 3.  They joined Flight 1 sponsor Lexa Caterers.   The winners for Flight 1 were Tanya Dejarlais (gross) and Christina LeCerf (net).  In Flight 2 Carol Willox picked up low gross and Angie Rainer won low net.  Betty Baillie took home low gross in Flight 3 and was followed by Joan Streadwick in second place.

Betty Baillie is obviously a mudder (someone who plays well in the mud) taking home prizes from Rainer Custom Cutting, The Look Boutique, Avril’s Garden, Barriere Irly Building and Stamer Logging (by draw).  Deb Rainer and daughter-in-law Angie battled for many of the Flight 2 prizes leaving me out in the cold.

In addition to the KP Deb also picked up the prize from Estylo Hair Design while Angie took home prizes from Pottery by Ramona and AG Foods.  Carol Hindle might have been shut out of the Flight 1 battle for low gross and low net but she still packed home four prizes from Knight’s Inn, Our Little Secret, Shais Design and Val Bella Studio.   Other winners were Vreny Kempter (Barriere Massage), Carol Willox (Bodi Mekanix), Tanya Desjarlais (Country Store Antiques), Darlene Nickull (Crystlee’s Hair Design), Sue Paulhus (Station House Restaurant) and Rose Seymour (Barriere A&W).

Thanks to Susan for manning the kitchen and seeing that we were fed up.  She stepped in to fill the shoes of head cook, Darleen LeCerf who had a nasty run in with a bee.  Hope you are fully recovered.

The clubs are now in the basement drying out along with my jacket, gloves and shoes.  I’m off to the coast to take in some of their rain.  We’ll see you back here in two weeks.