Squam Bay Fish Derby’s 57th annual event coming July 8

Only game fish will be counted at the Squam Bay Fish Derby on Adams Lake

It’s fishing season in B.C.’s Interior, and folks who enjoy the sport can also join with friends at one of the many fishing derbies that are held annually in our communities.

Coming up is the 57th Annual Squam Bay Fish Derby on Adams Lake, taking place on Sunday, July 8. First prize is $600, second prize is $200, with many other great prizes including a $50 door prize and a hidden weight prize. Only game fish will be weighed, and no fish weighing less than two pounds will be accepted.

“We are very proud that it is our 57th Annual, and that our community still gets together to make this happen,” says organizer Jacki Van Sickle,  “We have one man that has been in every single fish derby since 1955.”

Tickets are $15 and are available in Barriere at: Angler’s Gift and Tackle or Barriere Auto Parts; Christy Allen in Brennan Creek; or in Chase  the Adams Lake Store, Naramada Video, and Rod & Gun Sports; or you can purchase your tickets at Squam Bay from 6 to 9 a.m.

Call 250-672-9615 or 250-672-5750 for more information.