Summer passes quickly on the greens at Chinook Cove

Nineteen ladies showed up on a hot August night to golf at Chinook Cove Golf

By Leslie Stirling

Nineteen ladies showed up on a hot August night (well, actually afternoon but I was quoting Neil Diamond).  My golfing improved somewhat over last week and I ended up in third place for my flight.

All right, to be perfectly honest there were only three of us ladies in the flight but I prefer to think of myself as the bronze medal winner rather than last place finisher.  It is all in how you look at things.

The  Aug. 7, flight winners were Carol Hindle (Flight 1 low gross), Deanna Pendergast (Flight 1 low net), Cori Walker (Flight 2 low gross), Debbie Rainer (Flight 2 low net) and Evelyn Lucas (Flight 3 low gross).  Cori Walker and Chris LeCerf split the birdie pot.  The Deuce pot remained unclaimed.

I was a little luckier when it came to hole prizes managing to take home two (Shais Designs and Our Little Secret for long putts).  Susan Bondar picked up the Val-Bella Studio certificate for a long putt and the Barriere Irly Building prize for a long drive.

The Debbies did well.  Debbie Pearce had a long putt to win the Barriere A & W prize.  Debbie Rainer had a KP to win the Carl’s Market Garden prize and a long drive in 2 to claim the Country Store Antique prize.  Deb Legarre had a long drive in 2 to pick up the certificate from Bodi Mekanix.  Deb Winiski won the hidden score prize from Carol Patton, CGA and some consulation from North Thompson Funeral Services for driving her ball into the gully twice.

Erin Mitchell picked up two prizes from Crystlee’s Hair Design (long putt) and Stamer Logging (KP).

Deanna Pendergast had two KPs to win prizes from Barb and Carmen Smith and River Adventure Co.  Cori Walker had a long drive to win the certificate from AG Foods.

Chris LeCerf had a long putt to win the Estylo Hair Design.  Susan Newberry had a long putt to pick up the Jul’re by Lynda Enochsen prize.

Evelyn Lucas will be dining out after picking up the Knights Inn certificate for a long drive in 2.

Carol Hindle had a long drive to win the certificate from Rainer Custom Cutting.  Barb Smith picked up a new golf ball from North Thompson Funeral Services to replace the one she lost in the gully but redeemed herself by winning the Station House Restaurant prize for using the least number of putts.

Sue Paulhus won the Barriere Massage for the dubious honour of using the most putts but hey, my attitude is any prize is great.

This Tuesday is a regular game, and then our annual Golf for Cancer will be held on Aug. 21.

It is amazing how quickly the summer is passing by.

Plans are already underway for the Club Championship which is scheduled for Sept. 15.

My final word this week is to remind everyone to get your North Thompson Fall Fair entries in om time.