Sunshine makes an appearance on course for Ladies’ Night Golf

30 lovely ladies turn out for our second ladies’ night of the season at Chinook Cove Golf

By Leslie Stirling

After a rainy weekend I was sure that the weather on Tuesday, May 6, would be lousy but when we took to the fairways the sun was shining.

There was a wind blowing, and sometimes it helped.  Sometimes it didn’t.

My cohort, Debbie Rainer is away for a couple of weeks,  but fortunately Donna Salle and Lynda Fournier helped me out.

I do get myself in a bit of a flap when Debbie leaves me in charge, so thank you to all the ladies who put up with me.

Speaking of ladies, we had 30 lovely ladies turn out for our second ladies’ night of the season.  We finished with supper in the club house.  It will need to be a bit warmer before we can enjoy the festivities on the patio.

Marla Muldoon scored a fabulous 41 to win low gross in Flight 1 and she took home the birdie pot for a birdie on Hole 1.  Donna Salle won the low net for Flight 1.  Flight 1 was sponsored by Thompson Valley Awards.  Armour Mountain Office Supplies sponsored Flight 2.  The low gross winner was Jeannie Webber with a 52 by retrogression and Linda Ransome won low net.  Carl’s Market Garden sponsored Flight 3 winners Irene Beeton (62) and Helen Fraser (63).

I did get a chance to write my name on a couple of pins but ladies golfing behind me drove further or putted further, so there was no prize with my name on it at the end.

A number of ladies did pick up prizes.  Helen Fraser had a lucrative golf round.  She was closest to the golfer on Hole 1 (Barriere A&W); had a long putt on Hole 5 (Pottery by Ramona) and used the least putts (14) to win the Stamer Logging prize.

Barb Brodie was her alter ego taking home the prize from Interior Savings Credit Union for most putts (27).  Donna Salle took home two prizes – KP on Hole 6 (Campbell & Company) and Closest to the Trap on Hole 8 (Shais Design).  Marla Muldoon had a KP on Hole 4 (EBL Ventures) and a long putt on Hole 9 (Station House Restaurant).  Fiona Clare won the Barriere Timber Mart  prize on Hole 2 for a long drive in 2.  Ilke Marais picked up the Barriere Massage certificate for a long drive in 2 for Flight 1 on the same hole.  Betty Foote had a nice long putt on Hole 3 (Crystlee’s Hair Design) and Carol Willox had a KP on 4 (Bondar Forest Planning).  Carol Hindle had a long drive on Hole 5 to win the Country Store Antiques prize.  Evelyn Lucas took home the Estylo Hair Design certificate for long putt on Hole 5 while her golfing buddy, Brenda Carl had a KP on Hole 6.  Linda Ransome got that KP in 2 on Hole 7 and took home the Knights Inn prize.  Irene Beeton had a long drive on hole 8 (Rainer Custom Cutting) and Jeannie Webber had the long drive on 9 to win the Val Bella Studio prize.

A number of ladies received new balls and tees from Barb and Carman Smith to replace the ones they drove into the gully.

I finished off the evening by dropping all the door prize numbers on the floor and into the prize box.  Took me a while to find them all, and a number of ladies went home with a gift.  Not me…all I can say is “My day will come”.