Texas scramble draws 69 women to Chinook Cove

Ladies Night Golf Report from Chinook Cove Golf for July 21, 2015

By Leslie Stirling

Old man winter, that old man winter.  The weatherman heard that we were having Christmas in July and tried to accommodate us with some cooler weather on July 21.  Fortunately he left the rain until after all the ladies were in off the course.  If I were being perfectly honest (and when have I ever lied to you) I was quite pleased with the temperature.

Sixty-nine ladies turned out for the Texas Scramble.  Bernice Randrup plied us with shooters in Christmas colours before we headed out so needless to say the frivolity started early.

The annual event has become a highlight of the Ladies Golf season and we were excited to see a number of foursomes arrive from Kamloops.

Personally I just show up for the supper.

The staff at Chinook Cove prepared a full turkey dinner – turkey, stuffing, vegetables, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce. I am making my mouth water just thinking about it!

We finished the meal with pumpkin tarts lovingly prepared by yours truly.

There were prizes.  There are always prizes!  The best dressed team prize went to Barb Smith, Deb Winiski, Darlene Nickull and Susan Newberry.

Bernice Randrup won the prize for best dressed individual and second place went to Christine Luison whose nose lit up before she had her shooter.  Jean Webber, Val Aylward,

Gill Webber and Susan Bondar won the quiz.  As far as the actual golf went, the team of Connie Grafton, Elizabeth Galbraith, Shirley Wiklund and Fern Goselin had the lowest score and second place went to the team of Deb Legaree, Christ LeCerf, Trudy Forsythe, Doreen Landry and Melissa McNeice.  The highest score was earned by Wanda Amos, Kandra Amos, Gail Kipp and Ky Levelton while the team of Audrey Rilcoe, Linda Fournier, Joanne Lyle and Sylvia Chivers had the second highest score.  The rest of the teams’ scores fell somewhere in the middle.

We still had pin placements as usual and I know you are dying to hear who those winners were.  Val Williams had a long drive in 2 utilizing a #7 iron or driver for both hits to win the AG Foods certificate on Hole 1 while Audrey Wiwchar landed closest to the wreath on the same hole to win the certificate from Barriere A & W.

On Hole 2 Darlene Nickull won the Barriere Timber Mart prize for coming closest to the Santa while a number of other ladies won balls provided by Armour Mountain Office Services and Interior Savings Credit Union for hitting their tee shot into the water.   Louise Lodge had the long drive using the opposite handed club on Hole 3 and won the Crystlee’s Hair Design certificate.

Wanda Amos had a long putt on Hole 3 to take home the Country Store Antique prize.  KPs on Hole 4 went to Louise Lodge (Carl’s Market Garden), Carol Willox (Campbell & Co.) and Melissa McNeice (Bondar Forest Planning).  On Hole 5 Audrey Rilcoe landed closest to the reindeer to win the Estylo Hair Design certificate and Brenda Oakland had a long putt with the opposite handed putter to win the Knights Inn prize.  KP prizes on Hole 6 were won by Sylvia Munson (EBL Ventures), Doreen Landry (Ron Wallace Trucking) and Candace Marcyniuk (Stamer Logging).

Betty Baillie won the coveted Pottery by Ramona by landing closest to the tree on Hole 7 while quite a few ladies landed in the gully and picked up balls courtesy of Barb and Carman Smith and Hub International.

Elizabeth Galbraith had the longest drive using the opposite handed club on Hole 8 to win the Rainer Custom Cutting certificate.  Betty Baillie was the wacky putter (oops – I mean she used the wacky putter) on Hole 8 to win the Sam’s Pizza certificate.  On Hole 9 Ashley Wohlgemuth had a short drive to win the Station House prize and Bev Murphy had a long putt to win the Val Bella Studio certificate.

The next few weeks will be regular golf but on August 18 we will be holding our Golf for Cancer fundraiser.

It will also be a Texas Scramble (four ladies to a team) with a 5:30 p.m. shot gun start.  No golfers will be harmed in the shooting.

I would suggest that folks sign up early and reserve their golf cart if they don’t want to walk.

My thoughts are that God wouldn’t have invented golf carts if he wanted me to walk.

Pledge sheets are available from Deb Rainer or myself.

We are always pleased with the amount we are able to send to the local unit of the BC Cancer Society, and are hoping we will do as well this year.