Texas scramble opens season at Chinook Cove Golf

Twenty-two hearty souls turned out to take part in the Club Opening Social on May 3

The May 3

The May 3

By Leslie Stirling

Twenty-two hearty souls turned out to take part in the Club Opening Social on May 3 – an 18 hole Texas Scramble.  Six groups took to the course at 1:00 p.m., and shortly after the sun made a very brief attempt to shine.

Two lovely couples staying at the RV resort at Chinook Cove Golf joined us for the afternoon.  One couple was from Red Deer, and when they discovered that it was snowing there they decided to extend their visit to the Barriere area.  Bob and I had the pleasure of getting to know Jack McGuire and Earl Mattice during our round.  We ended up doing quite well so we are hoping they will partner with us again.

Our team of four tied for first place with the team of Trudy Scarlett, Haley Bradford, Grant LeCerf and Gary Forsythe.  Both teams scored an awesome 67.  Our out-of-town guests, Pete and Shirley Knight, Lefty and Yvette Hendrickson took home the last place honours, but hey, I always say “a prize is a prize”.

Trudy Scarlett picked up two pin placement prizes for long drive on Hole 1 and KP on Hole 4.  Lefty Hendrickson had a long putt on Hole #2.  Men’s long drive on Hole 3 was won by Walter Wozney while hubby Bob won the dubious honours for short drive on the same hole.  Gary Forsythe won the KP on Hole 4 while Earl Mattice won the KP on Hole 6.  Babes Shanko won the women’s long putt on Hole 5.  Hayley Bradford picked up the KP prize on Hole 6.

Although it rained some in the middle of the afternoon, the sun tried to come out once more later in the day.  The tournament concluded with a fantastic roast beef dinner complete with a yummy dessert.  Thanks to Susan Mitchell and her staff for looking after us so well.

I would like to thank all the golfers for putting up with me, and any mistakes that I make.  Hope you all have a fantastic golf season.  See you at the course.