The law of gravity wins at Chinook Cove Golf

The law of gravity wins - Chinook Cove Ladies Golf Report

By Leslie Stirling

Tuesday, May 15, the weatherman provided us with a beautiful afternoon and evening for golfing.  We had a great time visiting, eating, laughing and golfing.

Although my fairway game wasn’t bad my putter was not very kind to me.  I have decided to develop a new rule.  Rule 4.c.7(h) If a putt passes over a hole without dropping, it is deemed to have dropped. The law of gravity supersedes the Rules of Golf.

Flight winners were Carol Hindle (Flight 1 low gross), Shirley Ross (Flight 1 low net),  Sandy LeBourdais (Flight 2 low gross), Deb Rainer (Flight 2 low net), and Grace Baker (Flight 3 low gross).  Audrey Rilcoe scored a deuce on Hole 4 to win the deuce pot.  Carol Hindle only took 14 putts to play her round and won the Barriere A&W least putt prize.  Wanda Amos had the dubious honour of using the most putts but at least she won the AG Foods prize.

Thanks to our many sponsors a number of our ladies took home prizes.  Sunny LeBourdais  won the Barriere Irly Building prize for long drive in 2 on Hole 1 and the River Adventure prize for hidden score.  Deb Legaree also had the hidden score to take home the Stamer Logging prize.  Bev Leinweber won the Barriere Massage certificate for a long drive in 2 on Hole 1 and the Our Little Secret prize for KP in 2 on Hole 7.  Leslie LeBourdais won the Bodi Mekanix certificate for long drive in 2 on Hole 2 and the Knights Inn prize for long drive on Hole 5.  Audrey Rilcoe won three prizes: long putt on Hole 2 (Country Store Antiques), KP on Hole 4 (Carl’s Market Garden) and KP on Hole 6 (Ron Wallace Trucking).  Sue Paulhus had a short drive on Hole 3 to win the Crystlee’s Hair Design certificate.  Vicki Hoffer had a KP on Hole 4 to win the prize from Barb and Carman Smith and a long drive on Hole 8 to win the Shais Design certificate.  Sharon Spooner had a KP on Hole 4 to win the Carol Patton, CGA prize.  Shirley Ross had a long putt on Hole 5 to win the Estylo Hair Design certificate.  Sandy LeBourdais had a long drive on Hole 5 to win the Jul’re b Lynda Enochsen.  JoAnn Lyle had a short drive on Hole 8 to win the Rainer Custom Cutting certificate.  A long putt on Hole 9 earned Judy Lane the Val-Bella Studio certificate and Betty Anne Foote had a long putt on the same hole to win the Station House Restaurant certificate.  The Rest in Peace prize from North Thompson Funeral Services on Hole 7 went to Sue Paulhus, Evelyn Lucas and Brittany Bobinski.

On Saturday, May 12, the Chinook Cove Golf opener was held with 37 golfers taking to the course under bright sunny skies.

Hole prizes were won by Trudy Scarlett, Ken Wallace, Sean Mitchell, James Lane, Chris LeCerf, Earl Mattice and Betty Anne Foote.  The 18 hole tournament was won by the team of Earl Mattice, Ray Glebe, Mason Stanley and Christina LeCerf.

A fantastic Prime Rib Roast dinner was enjoyed by all the golfers following the event.  Kudos to Debbie Rainer for the excellent job of organizing the tournament.

Next week is four club night.  One of the clubs must be a putter.