Tuesday night dessert a hit at Chinook Cove Golf

Ladies Tuesday Night Golf Report from Chinook Cove Golf

By Leslie Stirling

On July 28 my cohort Debbie Rainer deserted me for a camping trip but I was most ably assisted by Donna Salle and Marion Wallace.  Thanks ladies for trying to keep me on the straight and narrow.

The weather was interesting.  I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to being cold.  I chose to arrive in long pants because of the menacing looking clouds.  They did not actually reach their full potential and we ended up with just a few sprinkles.  Those who chose shorts were still quite comfortable and we all enjoyed supper on the patio.

My favourite part of ladies’ night is dessert and this week the goodies were provided by Trudy Forsythe and Betty Foote…thimble cookies and banana cream tarts.  Betty  couldn’t golf this week because she had a dentist appointment so she dropped dessert off before she headed to town.  Now that is dedication!

Thirty-three ladies took part…a few less than usual but still a lively cheerful bunch.

Carol Hindle took home the Flight 1 low gross honours with a score of 44 with Susan Newberry picking up the low net with a score of 45 (31.5).  Both prizes were sponsored by Hub International.   In Flight 2 sponsored by Campbell & Co. Marie Hakes scored a 54 to win low gross while Susan Bondar took low net with a score of 57 (37.5).

Stamer Logging sponsored the winners in Flight 3.  Low gross was won by Brenda Carl with a score of 67 and second low gross was won by Darlene Nickull with a score of 70.  Carol Hindle and Wanda Amos split the deuce pot while the birdie pot went unclaimed.

Try as I might, somehow those pin placement prizes still elude me.  Others were more successful.  Audrey Rilcoe had a long putt on hole 1 to win the AG Foods certificate while Dorothy Warman won the Armour Mountain Office Services prize for her putt.  Long drive for Flight 1 was split into two with Carol Hindle winning for 0-19 handicaps (Barriere A & W) and Trudy Forsythe winning for 20-32 handicaps (Barriere Timber Mart).  The long drive in 2 for Flight 2 on Hole 2 was unclaimed because none of us managed to land on the fairway.  Darlene Nickull was more successful for Flight 3 and she took home the certificate from Crystlee’s Hair Design.

Carol Hindle putted well on Hole 2 to win the Country Store Antiques prize and Rose Seymour did the same on Hole 3 to win the Estylo Hair Design certificate.  KPs on Hole 4 went to Trudy Forsythe (Bondar Forest Planning) and Cathy Theriault (Carl’s Market Garden) and Hole 6 went to Chris LeCerf (EBL Ventures) and Wanda Amos (Ron Wallace Trucking).  Longs putts on Hole 5 earned prizes for Cathy Theriault (Knights Inn) and Dorothy Warman (Pottery by Ramona).

The ladies who went into the gully on Hole 7 will have to wait until next week to collect their prize because with Debbie away I just didn’t have the balls for the job.

On Hole 7 everyone had a chance to win the KP in 2 and Carol Hindle won the Rainer Custom Cutting certificate for being closest.  Marie Hakes left with the prize from Sam’s Pizza on Hole 8 by having the longest putt.

Long drives on Hole 9 earned Trudy Forsythe the Station House certificate and Susan Bondar the Val Bella Studio prize.  Putting prizes sponsored by Interior Savings Credit Union were earned by Carol Hindle (least-15) and Irene Beeton (most-26).  Irene’s attitude is the same as mine…a prize is a prize.  Maybe next week I will actually win one.  That thought keeps me coming back.