Using Aikido and stretching to achieve healthy mind/healthy body

Aikido is an ancient art proven to be very effective at developing good balance and hand-eye coordination

The weekly free stretching classes being held at the Ridge every Tuesday evening are welcoming a new addition to the ‘Healthy Body/Healthy Mind’ philosophy the stretching classes have adopted.

Good health starts from the inside especially with motivation and this is effectively accomplished by not only learning how to keep the body healthy but also how to keep the mind healthy.

With our desire for a strong mind-body connection by adding exercise along with stretching, we are introducing Aikido classes following the stretching program.

Aikido is an ancient art proven to be very effective at developing good balance and hand-eye coordination.

The stretching classes are now averaging about 20 people.  The Aikido classes have about 10 participants.

These classes don’t require a huge time commitment but can provide huge results.  The stretches vary yet stretch the entire body in 30 minutes, with an emphasis to stretch daily for the greatest benefits.

A few of the benefits from a regular stretching program are enhanced physical fitness, enhanced ability to learn and perform skilled movements, to increased mental and physical relaxation, reduced risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons and reduce muscle soreness and tension

While stretching, we also demonstrate muscle balance to help keep both right and left sides of the body with an equal amount of strength.

This is accomplished without equipment as with the stretching, using a method of muscle tensioning called Isometrics.

Isometrics is a good way to train your muscles and can literally be done anywhere, without any special equipment at all.  Isometric exercises are thousands of years old, with examples from the static holds in certain branches of yoga or martial arts.

The entire process throughout the stretching and strengthening relieves physical and mental, tension and stress.

Classes are from 6 – 6:45 p.m. every Tuesday at the Ridge.

Please bring non-synthetic, loose fitting clothing, a water bottle, and a positive attitude.

Classes have been paid for from an anonymous donation.