Weather poor, but first night golf “fantastic”

Weather poor, but first night golf “fantastic” at Chinook Cove

By Leslie Stirling

Sorry to say the weather man did not cooperate with the ladies of Chinook Cove Golf on Tuesday night, May 1, but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic first night of the season.

The flights were divided by age and although the number in my flight was small it didn’t help my game or prize winning abilities in any way.   Oh well, the company and the excellent meal prepared by the kitchen staff made up for a lack of prizes for me.  And most of the 21 ladies golfing did win a prize, thanks to all those wonderful sponsors.

The flight winners were Christina LeCerf, Flight 1 with a score of 56; Carol Hindle, Flight 2 with a score of 45 and Susan Newberry, Flight 3 with a score of 48.  Deb Rainer and Carol Hindle both scored a birdie on Hole #1 to split the birdie pot.

Christina LeCerf had a really hot night.  She won Bodi Mekanix prize on Hole #1 for a long drive and followed that with the Country Store Antiques prize on Hole #5 for the short drive.  She also took a lot of teasing from the ladies present for the great disparity of those two achievements.   She had another long drive on Hole #9 to win the Our Little Secret Consignment Store certificate.  Joan Streadwick picked up two prizes.  On Hole #1 a long putt earned her the A & W certificate and a long drive on Hole #9 earned her the Shais  Designs certificate.  Trudy Scarlett wasn’t about to be outdone so she was closest to the trap (but not in) on Hole #2 (Barriere Irly Building certificate) and had a long drive on Hole #9 (Rainer Custom Cutting prize).  In addition to her great score Carol Hindle also had a long putt on Hole #2 to win the Barriere Massage prize.

Visitor Pat Wallace picked up a trio of prizes.  She won the AG Food certificate on Hole #1 for short drive; the Crystlee’s Hair Design certificate for short drive on Hole #5 and the Station House Restaurant prize for most putts used.  Sister-in-law Marian Wallace was closest to the tree on Hole #7 to win the Jul’R by Linda Enochsen certificate.  Susan Mitchell played with a hot putter and only needed 13 putts to complete her round and pick up the Val-Bella Studio prize.  KPs went to Deb LeGarre (Carl’s Market Garden), Susan Newberry (Carol Patton, CGA) and Vicki Hoffer (Ron Wallace Trucking).   Barb Smith had a short drive on Hole #5 to win the Estylo Hair Design certificate and Sunny LeBourdais won the Knight’s Inn certificate for a long putt on Hole #8.

The gully on Hole #7 had a busy night with Deb Winiski, Barb Smith, Evelyn Lucas, Sunny LeBourdais and Donna Salle (yes, I said Donna Salle) driving their balls into the gully and winning prizes from North Thompson Funeral Services.

Unclaimed prizes were distributed using a hidden score and the winners were Brenda Carl, Pat Wallace, Jean Streadwick and Barb Smith.  Thanks for those prizes go to River Adventure Co., Barb and Carman Smith and Stamer Logging.

Captain Deb Rainer took the opportunity to welcome all golfers, new and old, to Tuesday nights and fill them in on plans for the season.


All in all it looks like another great year ahead.  Now all we need is for the weatherman to cooperate.