Wedding bells at Chinook Cove

Chinook Cove Ladies Golf Report by Leslie Stirling - Wedding bells at Chinook Cove

(L - r) Teresa McCastle and Shirley Ross got fully involved in the fun of the Ladies Golf evening of June 25 at Chinook Cove

(L - r) Teresa McCastle and Shirley Ross got fully involved in the fun of the Ladies Golf evening of June 25 at Chinook Cove

By Leslie Stirling

Dearly beloved.  We were gathered together to celebrate our first Fun Night of the Ladies Golf season.  In honour of my new position (Wedding Commissioner), the theme for the evening was “the wedding”.   Betty Foote had pre-constructed beautiful corsages for each of the 47 golfers, and many came dressed for the evening.

Unfortunately June appears to have continued with crummy wet weather punctuated with moments, hours or days of lovely sun.  Last Tuesday was no exception.  We spent some time basking in the sunlight; some time shivering in the rain and a very moments admiring the beautiful rainbow.

The foursome of Cindy Matthew, Jeannie Webber, Brenda Halliday and Hawley Halliday won with a score of 38 while Carol Young, Shirley Ross, Sylvia Chivers and Teresa McCastle won prizes for a high score of 46.  The wedding game was won by Irene Beeton, Betty Foote, Babes Shanko and Helen Fraser.  Two teams tied for Best Dressed – the team of Ashley Salle, Lindsay Arcand, Connie Hum and Kathy Matthews and the team of Shirley Ross, Carrie Young, Sylvia Chivers and Teresa McCastle.  Barb Smith rated a special mention and prize for her marvelous costume as Mother of the Bride.

We had many hole prizes, some with a bit of a twist to match the theme,  Prize winners were Irene Beeton (Knight’s Inn), Jeannie Webber (Our Little Secret), Angie Rainer (Pottery by Ramona and Barriere Irly Building), Betty Foote (Rainer Custom Cutting and Crystlee’s Hair Design), Bonnie Carter (Shais Design), Joan Streadwick (Station House Restaurant),Suzanne Turenne (The Look Boutique and AG Foods), Connie Hum (Barb and Carman Smith), Hayley Bradford (Bondar Forest Planning), Sharon Spooner (Carl’s Market Garden), Cheryl Nelson (Val Bella Studio), Molly Lampreau (Avril’s Garden), Ilke Marais (Ron Wallace Trucking), Val Aylward (Barriere A&W), Lindsay Arcand (Barriere Massage and Country Store Antiques) and Sylvia Chivers (Bodi Mekanix and Estylo Hair Design).

There was a second reason that Tuesday’s golf was special.  It was an opportunity for us to host our sponsors and show our appreciation for their support.

I have always been impressed with the way local businesses help out in Barriere.  We wouldn’t be the fantastic community that we are without them.

Special thanks to my good buddy, Jill Hayward of the Star/Journal for sharing the evening and a cart with me.

This week we’re back to regular golf.  July 23, is set for our Christmas In July Fun Night, so make sure to mark the date on your calendar.  Maybe – just maybe – summer will have arrived.