Wild game filled the menu

Harley Wright (white shirt) serves up pepperoni sausage made with elk

Harley Wright (white shirt) serves up pepperoni sausage made with elk

The North Thompson Fish and Game Club (NTFGC) held their first Annual Game Dinner on Mar. 19, for approximately 75 hungry people.

The event took place in the Barriere Lions Hall, and some of the dishes served included; smoked trout, fresh sockeye salmon, ‘low flying’ wild goose, spicy cougar sausages, garlic deer/elk/bear sausage, elk stew,  and Hawaiian buffalo meat balls.

Club president Mel Schmidt happily took bribes to see which table would be allowed to fill their plates first.

One side of the hall was set up with several tables offering a dozen silent auction items for bids during the evening.

“We have a wonderful community,” said Schmidt, “All the silent auction items have been donated by local businesses.”

The bidding was brisk, but the final tally was not available at press time.  After the meal leftovers were put into take-away containers and sold by donation.

All proceeds from the event will go towards club projects that are underway; including the creation of a rifle range, and construction of a boat launch on an area waterway.

Upcoming NTFGC events:

• Annual BBQ and Shoot,  Squam Bay Hall, May 15

• Father’s Day Fishing Derby, June 19

• Clay Target Shoot, April 10

• Outdoor Youth Camp at McQueen Lake, July 18-22

For more information contact Mel Schmidt at 250-672-1843.