Yellowhead 4-H end year on a high at Fairs

Yellowhead 4-H

Yellowhead 4-H members being judged in The Group of Five class at the Provincial Winter Fair in the North Thompson Agriplex.  Pictured ( l - r) competitors are Katie Newton

Yellowhead 4-H members being judged in The Group of Five class at the Provincial Winter Fair in the North Thompson Agriplex. Pictured ( l - r) competitors are Katie Newton

Another successful end to the 4-H year.

On Sept. 3-5, the Yellowhead 4-H Club showed their 4-H animals in showmanship and weight classes.

North Thompson Fall Fair results:

4-H Ewe lamb class: Grand champion- Sara Kate Smith

4-H yearling Ewe class: Reserve yearling ewe- Hannah Feller

4-H weight/market class placings: 1st Sara Kate Smith, 2nd Lauren Tremblay, 2nd Alexander Peterson, 3rd Nicole Huber, 4th Hannah Feller, 4th Tyler Schilling, 4th Tristan Brackman.

Grand Champion 4-H market lamb: Sara Kate Smith.

Overall market lamb championship: Reserve- Sara Kate Smith.

Youth open weight class: 1st Aaron VanSickle, 2nd Halle Smith, 2nd Levi Kempter, 4th Cameron Kerslake, 4th Tyson schilling.

Youth Championship Weight Class: 3rd Aaron VanSickle.

Sr. Showmanship: 2nd in class Nicole Huber, 4th Alexander Peterson.

Sr. Showmanship Championship:  Sr. Reserve Grand Champion – Nicole Huber

Jr. Showmanship classes: 1st Hannah feller, 1st Tristan Brackman, 2nd Sara Kate Smith, 2nd Tyra Noble, 3rd Tyler Schilling, 4th Sheldon VanSickle.

Jr. Showmanship Championship: Jr. Grand Champion- Tristan Brackman, Jr. Reserve Grand Champion – Sara Kate Smith

Youth Open Showmanship Class: 1st Halle Smith, 1st Tyson Schilling, 2nd Levi Kempter, 3rd Cameron Kerslake, 4th Aaron VanSickle

Youth Open Showmanship Champion Class: Grand Champion – Halle Smith, Reserve Grand Champion – Tyson Schilling

4-H Overall Championship:  Reserve Grand Champion- Sara Kate Smith, 3rd Nicole Huber

Beef weight classes: 1st John Peters, 1st Quinn Brackman, 2nd Jessica Peters, 2nd Leanna Mitchell, 3rd Christine Kempter, 3rd Dustin Pawloff, 4th Rebecca Greenwell, 4th Garrett Tremblay, 4th Jack Greenwell, 4th Spencer Pawloff.

Reserve Champion 4-H:  Leanna Mitchell.

Heifers: 2nd Leanna Mitchell, 2nd Dustin Pawloff, 3rd Rebecca Greenwell, 3rd Spencer Pawloff.

Cow calf: Reserve Champion Jack Greenwell, Overall Reserve Champion: Jack Greenwell.

Jr. Showmanship beef: 1st Dustin Pawloff, 1st Jack Green well, 2nd Leanna Mitchell, 4th Kathleen Pilatzke 4th Christi ne Kempter.  Champion Junior Showman: Jack Greenwell. Reserve Champion Showman: Dustiin Pawloff.

Seniors Showmanship beef: 1st Quinn Brackman, 3rd Spencer Pawloff, 4th John Peters. Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Quinn Brackman. Reserve Champion Showman over all: Jack Greenwell.

On Sept. 23-26 4-H members from many different clubs came out to Barriere for the Provincial Winter Fair to show their animals  in Showmanship and Weight classes. Here are the results:

4-H sheep Jr Judging: 1st Madison Kerslake, 3rd Tyler Schilling, 4th Sara Kate Smith, 5th Sheldon VanSickle

4-H sheep Intermediate Judging: 1st Jacob Peterson, 5th Alexander Peterson.

4-H sheep Carcass Judging: 1st Tyler Schilling, 2nd Kieran Semrick.

Lamb Trim and Fit: 1st Hannah Feller & Madison Kerslake, 2nd Nicole Huber & Sara Kate Smith

Lamb Intermediate Showmanship Classes, 2nd Nicole Huber, 3rd Tristan Brackman, 4th Hannah Feller.

Sheep Jr. Showmanship Classes: 1st Tyra Noble, 1st Sara Kate Smith, 1st Lauren Tremblay, 2nd Tyler Schilling.

Jr. Showmanship Championship: 2nd_ Reserve Champion – Sara Kate Smith

Lamb Youth Open Showmanship: 2nd Halle Smith, 2nd Levi Kempter, 3rd Tyson Schilling, 4th Cameron Kerslake, 5th Aaron VanSickle.

Youth Open Showmanship Championship: 2nd Reserve Champion – Halle Smith, 4th Levi Kempter.

4-H Lamb Weight Classes: 1st Alexander Peterson, 1st Lauren Tremblay, 2nd Nicole Huber, 2nd Grace Kempter, 2nd Sara Kate Smith, 2nd Tyler Schilling, 3rd Tyra Noble, 3rd Sheldon VanSickle.

Weight Championship Class: 2nd_ Reserve Champion – Sara Kate Smith

Jr. Aggregate: 1st Sara Kate Smith

Educational Displays: 1st Garrett Tremblay & Christine Kempter, 2nd Nicole Huber & Leanna Mitchell.

Beef weight: 2nd Jessica Peters, 3rd John Peters, 3rd Quinn Brackman, 3rd Spencer Pawloff, 4th Rebecca Greenwell, Christine kempter, Leanna Mitchell.

Champion Commercial female: Jack Greenwell.

The following 4-H members made it to the championships in Showmanship: Sr.- Quinn Brackman, Intermediates: Spencer Pawloff, Rebecca Greenwell, Christine Kempter, Garrett Tremblay, Jack Greenwell. Jr. – Leanna Mitchell Dustin Pawloff, Kathleen Pilatzke.

Group of three heifers won 3rd place.

Group of two steers won 3rd place.

Group of three steers won 3rd place.

Group of five steers won 3rd place.

At the end of PWF the 4-H members sold their steers and lambs for great prices to the highest bidder. All in all, it was a great success.

Thank you again to all the Barriere citizens that donated money and time to work on the Agriplex.  The fairs were a resounding success and the 4-H Club was very proud to have hosted such a wonderful event. And, of course, thank you to the buyers!