You don’t need a GPS to go out geocaching in the Barriere area

There are caches throughout the area that are ready for you to find

Two anonymous geocaching volunteers have been very busy in the Barriere area.  With donations from the Barriere community, they have stashed caches throughout the area that are ready for you to find.

All around the world, people are using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to hide and find caches.  The caches can be a wide variety of sizes and contain a log book and sometimes items for trade.  It’s basically a high tech version of hide-and-seek.

Not everyone is aware that you don’t need an actual GPS unit – many cell phones now contain GPS technology, and if they don’t, there are apps you can download that will do the trick.  You can go geocaching solo, with family or friends, or as a club or group.  In fact, if you do it as a group, then you only need one GPS and someone in the group is bound to have a cell phone, even if you don’t.

Once you’ve found the cache, remember to sign the log, and if there are items to trade, take one out and put in one that you’ve brought.  Please don’t take one out if you don’t have one to leave behind.

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